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There’s no denying that content marketing is a lot of work when executed well. It takes elbow grease, experimentation, and perseverance. Regardless of your enterprise size, it’s an undertaking to find the time to do all of this. And, it’s even more of a task if you are trying to coordinate a couple of departments at a mid-to-massive size business enterprise. Therefore every online business needs a way to manage content advertising and marketing programs.

Who oversees content marketing?

A content material marketing supervisor has the hard role of selling a business through content and testimonies. Filling content advertising and marketing manager’s function requires top-notch attempt. Apart from being stellar content writers, they need a good way to control all of the creative sources in an agency and discover the fine approaches to apply words as a promotional tool.


As you recognize, the content advertising supervisor isn’t a more respectable name for a copywriter. A listing of duties related to content material supervisor function is long enough and no longer constrained to developing content for advertising and marketing functions handiest. Responsibilities for Content marketing manager fall into three corporations:


-Content material strategy

-Method content implementation

-Control and tracking of content


Content marketing and SEO

Advertising and marketing are all about being in the right place at the right time. And in 2018, when people have a query, they commonly ask it on one of the principal engines like Google.

Yet many content marketing efforts depend upon social media or e-mail to get the message out there. Those channels may be effective. But they depend upon the desire that you’re social put up, ad or e-mail gets in front of a prospective client at simply the time whilst they are searching out your services or products.


Having your content material found by using prospective clients on Google is the Holy Grail. It’s for your content in the proper area and the proper time. It’s miles really scalable, and when it comes organic listings, it doesn’t include a cost in line with a click on.

Roles in a customer journey

Appropriate content resonates with the reader or viewer because it fits with their desires or standard interest. First-rate content maps to their choice, emotions, and journey, turning in a final result to be able to build advocacy and force engagement mapped to sales. In other phrases, a content material may be the “direction to purpose” for the consumer.


Content is the pathway to purpose buyers journey in navigating that path using analytics to get a clean expertise of the impact of your content on your target market. Right here’s wherein the intersection of PR and content turns into the top of exceptional storytelling.


Custom content is predicted to develop with the continued use of cellular, and the expectation is that personalization within content marketing can be the focus. The proper metrics can elucidate your target audience. And where they’re seeking to pass before you circulate forward with content material advertising efforts. With defined personas, a content material can engage customers and assume behavior a good way to pressure desired consequences. Without insight into your statistics and analytics, your brand’s possible to attach a tale is not going to be a compelling relaxation stop.

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Rewards are a time-tested, powerful way to encourage humans: Promotions consider the kid who will smooth dishes, vacuum the residence and tidy their room just for some allowance bucks.

Mobile promotions is a completely unique commercial enterprise.

Incentives for mobile channels

Whilst maximum purchasers’ initial reactions to advertising and marketing and advertising messages on their mobile smartphone can often be bad. Their level of responsiveness can frequently be advance via incentives. According to the latest survey. Approximately 37 percent of those who’ve obtained textual content message-based advertising implies that they are much more likely to reply to advertising in a textual content-primarily based marketing message.

Incentives that obtained the most high-quality response have been real-world reductions and coupons for retail storefronts. In truth, over 60 percentage of those who have been either impartial or open to ability textual content message advertising nominated a reduction coupon at a neighborhood store. Because the incentive they would maximum probably respond to. It is worth considering why firms might use promotions for incentives.

Methods for offering mobile incentives

Yes, mobile incentives have become a thing. Mobile wallets and other means have many incentives to look upon. Some can be-

GST rates can be decreased

-Mobile wallets

-Smartphones at a cheaper rate

-JIO (Digital India)


Mobile incentives and promotions

We love receiving rewards, mainly when the work important to comfortable something item or repayment is being present is straightforward or handy. This drive and love of “free stuff’ is precisely what makes rewards-primarily based marketing, specifically on mobile, the sort of amazing tactic to have interaction the ordinary consumer and incentivize them to proportion your brand’s message.

Individualistic schemes, especially ones that do not depend on job assignments, allow more flexibility in providing incentives. In other words, promotions are often used to achieve two goals simultaneously that in principle might be separated: putting employees in the right jobs and generating motivation. Thus, it is not immediately obvious why
promotions should be used as incentives.

The changeover to mobile coupons

Customarily, coupons are issued by manufacturers of consumer-package items or by way of shops, for use in retail shops as part of sales promotions. They’re frequently broadly dispensing through the mail, coupon envelopes, magazines, newspapers, the internet (social media, electronic mail newsletter), at once from the retailer. And mobile devices including mobile phones. On the grounds that only fee aware consumers are possible to spend the time to claim the savings, coupons characteristic as a shape of charge discrimination, enabling retailers to provide a decrease fee handiest to the ones clients who might otherwise move someplace else.


I now consider a simple model in which the firm chooses the rewards that accompany promotion in order
to maximize incentives. This is done by taking the structure of the hierarchy, which ultimately determines the
promotion rate, as fixed. The primary reason for this is to simplify the exposition. However, it is likely that in
many circumstances it will not be optimal to alter the structure of the firm radically in order to optimize
incentives. The firm has the alternative of substituting within-job pay for performance when promotion-based
incentives are not very large. Furthermore, changing the hierarchical structure of the firm can be very costly in
terms of production efficiency, since it changes spans of control and the effectiveness of monitoring, delegation,
and communication.

They have become popular in this era. Gone are the days of just purchasing a product simply without any discount or offers. Coupons are a thing now and are utilizing at a higher rate.

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Consumer Behavior

Consumer Behavior is very important part of the studies. Such studies are like the business, marketing, and every field related to the buyer of goods and services provided by companies an individual or a group. In a last few year’s evolution of people in digital shopping increases.The behavior of consumer reveals lots of things which are directly affecting business.


Consumer Behavior is defined as it is a study of an organization, a group or a firm, activities which are associated with the purchase of products and services provided by companies. This includes many situations. Like consumers emotional, mental, and physical as well as a behavioral response towards purchasing products from pre-purchase to post-purchase. It is not a new topic.


This started from bygone in 1940 and 1950 as a study of market areas. Consumer Behavior is an observation of consumer-related to various subjects like psychology, sociology, marketing and behavioral economics. It observes various characteristics of the consumer, how emotions and attitude affect purchasing behavior of consumers. This does not only examine behavior but also observe characteristics of personality, social behavior, demographics, loyalty, and lifestyle. Digital shoppers are an online seller of their company’s good and services to the customers while digital buyers are one who purchases products online, and pays using credit, debit cards, internet banking or other internet payment services. It is process to understand consumer’s need and consumption.

It is difficult to understand the behavior of the consumer, even researcher said that it is hard to find what consumer’s think and want about products and services. To analysis consumer behavior Custom Relationship Management (CRM) databases are really useful.




For getting success in business marketers must be ahead of the curve. They have potential to read consumer’s mind and give the best service. It catches the eye of people towards their company, brand, and shops. It increases their market value.




It is essential to study consumer behavior. Various methods use by marketers like survey, market research, depth interview and focus on a mob of consumers. They have not enough time to go outside, and search a variety of products, bargain it for a long time and finally cross a crowd, find a way to emerge from it. There is a different type of research included such as daily life studies, observation of product usage, accompanied purchase, cultural studies, mystery shopping and many more,if you want to stay in competition then you must perform like a diamond in rough.

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Measuring your results is an essential aspect of any SEO campaign. There are many variables at play in a search engine optimization campaign, so hit campaigns rely upon a control gadget to make sure the work undertaken provides results.

Key overall performance signs (KPIs) act as this manipulate machine and assist you to become aware of what’s running and frequently, extra importantly, provide the SEO with an early warning gadget if something isn’t always transferring the needle as anticipated.

KPIS additionally offers a way to illustrate fulfillment to your clients. Typical SEO KPIs like key-word ratings and metrics from equipment can be beneficial for you, but the customers you serve need to peer a boom in sales and leads, now not actually improved positions and hikes in domain authority.

Biggest SEO misconceptions

Utilizing the power of search engine optimization, you may boom a website’s ranking on search engines, power more natural and center visitors to reinforce conversions. SEO should be a necessary part of each digital marketing campaign. The only trouble is, it isn’t simple to explain to business owners why they want it.

All of those hyperlinks, key phrases, tags, rankings, and algorithms are hard for non-entrepreneurs to apprehend. Plus, SEO strategies and practices evolve so quickly, ever so often even certified experts fall quickly. So many misconceptions about search engine optimization amongst entrepreneurs still exist.


Misconception #1: SEO is a one-time-simplest issue.


The most critical component with SEO is consistency. You want to optimize pages, submit new content material, appeal to links, power traffic, and improve your web page’s shape on a regular basis. In case you lose momentum, your search engines will necessarily go through. Your competitors don’t take the time to relaxation or take a seat idle, so that you can’t afford to either.


Even in case your website hits the top seek engine ranking function, don’t stop.


Misconception #2: search engine optimization is all about links


Although hyperlinks are nonetheless crucial, you shouldn’t overestimate their affect on search engines for SEO MEASUREMENTS. Google’s set of rules is very complex; and, to tell the fact, we haven’t any idea precisely the way it works. What we understand is that it is based on many elements to calculate a website’s SERP.

Hyperlinks be counted, but SEO is not simply about hyperlinks anymore. Moreover, link satisfactory, now not quantity, is what honestly makes the distinction. A singleone way link from an authoritative website is plenty more valued than dozens of hundreds of low-satisfactory hyperlinks.


Misconception #3: key phrases suggest higher scores


As soon as, keywords have been as essential to search engine optimization as hyperlinks. Each person could reap a better rating function through truly developing lots of low-great content material, stuffed with key phrases. Fortuitously, the era of key-word stuffing is lengthy long gone, and you need to put your brain to correct use to get to the pinnacle spot.


The assertion that keywords equate to higher ratings continues to be genuine, however its which means has changed. Now, to advantage ranking in natural search, you need to now not best lay out a key-word research system however additionally create first rate content for SEO MEASUREMENTS. You want to optimize that content material and put up it often to be successful. Nicely researched key phrases, which can be appropriately located into your text, headlines, subtitles, photos, video descriptions, and hyperlinks, are your way to achievement.



Misconception #4: encrypted key phrases kill SEO


Google commenced encrypting key phrases returned in 2011. The search engine optimization global was taken aback.


SEO experts were used to having access to all key phrases and keyword-related stats in GA. It turned into handy to investigate and examine keywords that performed properly and sift out the ones that lagged behind. So, whilst the scary key-word popped up in GA, all of us became a touch bit panicky. Some even stated that encrypted keywords killed search engine optimization.



Misconception #5: visitor blogging doesn’t work


Digital marketers and SEOs who invested closely in guest blogging have been frightened of dropping site visitors, however it became out that handiest black-hat guest bloggers had been on Google’s you-cause-me-problems listing.


It’s far 2018, but visitor running a blog is still a viable SEO method in case you always create and proportion awesome content material.

What to measure?

Lets discuss about an important aspect of SEO- Its measurement, as in what to measure:


  1. Measuring the quality of SEO traffic


The maximum common record used to measure an improvement or decline inside the first-class of search site visitors is the assisted conversions file


  1. Keyword scores

Keyword scores are the most not unusual. Monitoring key-word scores over time offers you the capacity to craft your search engine optimization method across the key phrases that require the most interest and provide the most benefit.



  1. Visitors

Measuring the extent and first-class of visitors that first web page ratings deliver is crucial. First page rankings are vain if they don’t deliver sufficient of the proper form of site visitors.


  1. Traffic quantity


Traffic volume should be measured based totally at the wide variety of visits that come from natural seek. With a successful search engine optimization method, you need to see a sizable boom in organic search visitors through the years.


Measurement of SEO is heavily important in digital marketing.

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Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising:


Digital Advertising is also calling internet marketing or internet advertising. It uses internet technologies for promotion through advertisement, by sending emails, on social sites, online advertisement on search engines like Google, sending banners on smartphones, and using afflicting marketing, AdSense, AdWords.

Digital-Advertising through social media by Click A Go

Through social media, we can advertise our product or services




In a progressing world, the traditional method is outdate. New technology replaces rapidly, and it is a beginning of the digitalization era. Digital Advertising has many types alike pay-per-click, use advertisement on a blog, a website or a YouTube channel with help of Ad words supported by Google.

Digital-Advertising through social media by Click A Go

By social media we can advertise our product or services

Many organizations provide income source by uploading their advertisement on your website through affiliate marketing. It makes attractive to captivate an eye of people. It is value added service to consumers. Example like Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Digital Music offers advertisement for people. Over 4.4 billion people use the internet. Online shopping is popular with millions of consumers. Everyday lac of people click on a digital advertisement and shows interest towards it.

Digital-Advertising through social media by Click A Go

By social media we can advertise our product or services

Though it’s often considered part of outbound marketing, digital advertising is actually a great example of how inbound marketing works. It involves targeting people based on their specific interests, which makes the ads far more effective.

YouTube Ads

It doesn’t matter if you watch cat videos, listen to cover songs of your favorite bands or tutorials on how to braid your kid’s hair for the senior prom, YouTube is where it’s at. It’s also where advertisers pitch ads for products that relate to whatever you’re searching for on the site. And by the way, it’s not just a creepy coincidence that YouTube seems to advertise exactly what you just searched for on Google; you’re leaving a digital footprint wherever you go.


If you’ve ever done a search on Google or gone to any professional media website, you’ve probably seen digital advertising at work. Examples include:

  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising: These are the ads that show up on page one of search engine results. You bid to have your ad appear in the results for particular searches. You only get charged for the ad when someone clicks on it.
  • Remarketing: Remarketing involves adding a tag to Google Adwords to pages on your site. When people go to a particular page, you can put them on a list for a related keyword or search term. From there, you can design a marketing campaign so these viewers see relevant ads whenever they search for the same terms or related ones.




In the 21st century, digital world changes a scenario for busy people who do not have enough time to go offline shopping in a crowded market. We can say that time saves nine for them. When people go to a particular page, you can put them on a list for a related keyword or search term.

From there, you can design a marketing campaign so these viewers see relevant ads whenever they search for the same terms or related ones.

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Brand Marketing

Brand marketing


Brand Marketing! The “Brand”.  A word itself represents a respect and value added among people. It creates a difference between ordinary and branded one.

A Brand Name For A Company by Click A Go

A Brand Name For A Company for reputation through digital marketing

What is a brand? Who creates it? How does it stand? Oh my god…How many questions you ask about it? Don’t worry. All people know about a brand, but guys do you know about behind story of a brand?



In every story content is important. Likewise in brand marketing product and services they provide to customers is essential. It creates a trust in people about their goods they sell, and services they provide. What is difference in branded, and ordinary products? Brand gives guarantee of products, and ordinary remains ordinary. It stands on a trust of people and creates logo and slogan.

A Brand Name For A Company by Click A Go

A Brand Name For A Company for reputation through digital marketing


When it becomes word of mouth of people automatically it converts into a brand. Brand is concept of marketing products.All people know about a brand, but guys do you know about behind story of a brand? A company’s brand shows their value and position in market. It refers as unique identity of company. An organization is established as a brand then brand marketing begins.

In a globalization of world, too many companies, firms, organization opens with different innovations and ideas.Likewise in brand marketing product and services they provide to customers is essential. It is uphill battle to stand a brand on top of trends. Competition is really rises up. For acquiring strongest position in the race three things are really important, conspicuous, specific, and provide best products and services to customers. Adidas, KFC, BMW, Raymond and many more stand out strongly with unique appearance in a competitive world from many years.



Today’s world is based on demands of the consumer. Brand campaigns a product by organizing an event, posting on social sites or giving advertisement in newspapers. An organization is established as a brand then brand marketing begins. In a future, more brands boost up in competition and give more surprise by innovation. When it becomes word of mouth of people automatically it converts into a brand.The world is welcoming new one and stand with a trusted one.


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Geo location

Geo location

Geo location? You go to unknown place. You do not know a language or there is no one to ask your location where you want to go, then what next? These problems are now history. And now, we live in a digital world, where life becomes digital one.

Smart phone with map to find places by Click A Go

Smartphone with the map to find places and many more

Geo location is defined as it shows the real-world geographic location of a place, an object, mobile phones, radar source or various objects which connect to the internet. It indicates the exact position of objects. It also gives direction, the satellite view of streets or location, and location’s address.


GPS with Map through locating a place by Click A Go

GPS with Map through locating a place and find the way

It often uses radio frequency location method by locating engine to search geolocation or position. The location is found out by the GPS (global positioning system) it is a satellite based on radio navigation system.

Sometimes connection problems occur with GPS then geolocation uses information from cell towers. Geolocation of the internet and computer associated with MAC address of computer system, internet protocol (IP) hardware embedded to a computer embedded software numbers, Wi-Fi positioning system, GPS coordinates and many more ways to find out geolocation.

Find someone with Geo location by Click A Go

Find someone with Geolocation through the global positioning system

Data such as country, region, city, postal address, street address, time zone include by IP address location. You find out details of data then you have to search its domain name, proxies, and a speed of connection, codes and several other things.

A geolocation is also finding out latitude as well as the longitude of a particular location. Now, we use WOEID to identify any location on earth surface. It is 32-bit unique reference identifier. NAC locator gives the universal geocoding address.

It uses for various purposes according to your requirements.


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Online Shopping | The Digital Spree

We are a historic part of the digital world. Do we flow along with digital growth and you know a funny thing about it? We don’t realize it. In a recent survey by Cisco company. A shocking outcome occurs. Many people said that digital is everything. Yes, you heard right.


Digital industry or market rapidly grows like a virus. In a last few year’s evolution of people in digital shopping increases. There are many reasons behind it. They have not enough time to go outside, and search a variety of products, bargain it for a long time and finally cross a crowd, find a way to emerge from it. OH, so critical, isn’t it? Digital shopping overcomes these type of problems and creates a fantastic site to fascinate a crowd. Digital shoppers are an online seller of their company’s good and services to the customers while digital buyers are one who purchases products online, and pays using credit, debit cards, internet banking or other internet payment services. People attract more towards digital services.

Online Shopping Data by Click a go

Digital marketers pay attention to those type of customers. They know buyers psychology. Buyers easily influence by attractive banners, discount sales advertisement or products. Digital shoppers sell ice to Eskimos, and from that marketing “Shoppers marketing” born.

What is shoppers marketing?

Shoppers learn the ropes of buyer’s mindset by using their study as well as intelligence and find the benefit of stakeholders, retailers and shoppers from buyers. Marketers focus on customers situation, psychology, how they behave, what they want, and try their product become a cash cow for them.

Online shopping tool by Click A Go

Both and for shoppers as well as buyers a life becomes a little bit easy, time-saving. Buyers have a lot of options, varieties to purchase products. They select, purchase it as per their budget. Sometimes it is difficult to trust on an online company because of increase in a fraud. Every revolution came with some risk, but look at positive one and enjoy and take a ride of this amazing universe of digital trends.

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Cyber Security Challenges in Digital Industries

We addict towards the digital market and its gadgets. Billions of people use digital instruments, products and services. Increase in a number of consumers day by day rise question of cyber security and privacy of personal data.


First up you heard a lot of times about security and privacy in cyberspace world. Some have some not.

Cyber security in clickago


You witness a great revolution in information and technology in-universe and you are a part of it. Nowadays everywhere you see digitization. You use refrigerator, dishwashers, washing machine in the kitchen, power grid, automatic controller in electrical power stations, fire security alarms, a system in fire control unit, automation, drone, satellite, water distribution, banking, medical devices, smartphones a lot of examples we have. Every day many productive innovations create a different organization.

Cybersecurity & Digital Trust:-

In toxicity towards digital types of equipment, we are at a huge risk. You are losing property, income, privacy, sociality and sometimes our lives. Requirements, needs leads crimes. Cyber-attacks, cybercrime, system breaches happen.

NIST stands for National Institute of Standard And Technology. Codes are made up of complexity, integrated circuits, computer chips and millions of applications. NIST initiated a groundbreaking project to develop strong robust cyber security, primary programming to safe organizations or individuals private data. It responds to the office of management and budget memorandum M-17-25 to develop next-generation management framework. RMF is a risk management framework.

Security Control In Clickago


With the help of a private company like NIST or other, who are providing cyber security and privacy to an organization, firms or individual one reduce a crime in a cyberspace world. It strengthens the organization, and save it from hackers. Everyone concerned about confidentiality, personal information, and hidden secrets they hide from others. It is an uphill battle against the social dark world.

Ways to Write Specific Keywords For Search Engine Optimization

What Are Keywords?

Most often we tend to look for answers to our queries on the Internet. Search Engines are the saviors. Here comes the utility of keywords. Keywords are basically three to five word phrases that users type in Google, Yahoo etc. related to their concerned question. The page displays results with correspondence to the keywords. For example, the search results for the specific keywords ‘Red shoes’ will show a variant of websites and images on the page that trade in shoes and more accurately, Red shoes. Ultimately, every business website should make use of relevant keywords to drive in up to snuff traffic.

Types Specific Keywords

Uses of keyowrds in Seo

• Generic Keywords – Generic keywords are basically unspecific or generic terms as the name says that are looked up by users.

For say, I want to look for a Marketing firm, Internet marketing, Square 2 marketing or maybe Reality marketing in the search engine.

Such keywords are explicit. Generic Keywords are tough to pursue and should be avoided. A Marketing Firm will be one who enhances sales and profits by focuses and attracting the target audience.

The results for Internet Marketing would say that it is a marketing that concentrates on online work rather than traditional methods. The new era definitely requires this method of marketing the most to acquire maximum sales and awareness.Square 2 Marketing specializes in Inbound Marketing and other business strategies to overcome obstacles and generate revenue.Reality Marketing would simply mean fact based marketing to generate additional revenue.

• Broad match Keywords- A broad match keyword would be more precise than a generic one. These are the core of SEO and would create greater opportunities than the previous one.

Some instances being, Social Media Marketing Company In Chennai, SEO companies in Delhi or SEM budget by Jio.

All these instances will list out companies that prevail in diverse locations and their specifications as the keywords are more specific keyword than ever.

A site that revolves around these keywords would perform pretty well.

Focus keyword in Seo

• Long Tail Keywords- These are definitely bigger in length as the name suggests and would drive in traffic due to its precise and low cost nature.
Composing keywords does not consist of solely guessing the words that might conform. Building of a keyword would require ample efforts made by the business.